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  • Model NO.: 26-B
  • Min order:10000 pieces
  • Accept Min order:Yes
  • Supply Ability:100000000 pieces / Year
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Stock Time:15 Days

Scope of application :

It is suitable for package of transfusion medicines in pharmaceutical industries.

Executive standard:

Adapt standard of YBB00042005


-High purity degree

-Low punching force

-Good tightness and keeping good touch with the punching pin

-Good function of acid-resistant & alkali-resistant

Specification and model:

34mm 34-A

32mm 32-A, 32-A1

28mm 28-B, 28-B1,

26mm 26-B, 26-B1, 26-B2, 26-B4, 26-F,

24mm 24-A, 24-B, 24-B2,

20mm 20-AS, 20-AJ, 13-BJ

7mm 7S

  • Place of Origin:Made in China
  • Model Number:26-B
  • Process types:BIIR