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32A01- 20A01 20D31 13.8-CX  oral  al   20mmflipoff01  20 crimper
Rubber stopper              Rubber stopper for         Rubber stopper for       Rubber stopper for         Rubber stopper of         Aluminium cap                 Flip off cap                     Cap crimper
for Infusion bottle            Antibiotic bottles            Freeze-dry bottles       Blood collection tube    Oral liqiud bottles

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Jiangyin Tejie Company is specialized in the production of various kinds of halogenated butyl rubber bottle stopper for pharmaceutical use. The total investment is 50 million RMB, with a total construction area of 15,000 square meters.With an annual production capacity of 2 billion, the company has very clean production environment including 5,000 square meters of close type workshops. 


Our products cover butyl rubber stopper of infusion bottles,butyl rubber stopper of antibiotic bottles,butyl rubber stopper of free-dry bottles,medical rubber stopper of blood collection tube,oral liquid stopper and other rubber stoppers. In order to meet various packaging requirements for powder and liquid medicine from pharmaceutical factories,we extend our products to many other correlative products such as aluminum cas,flip off caps,vials,Euro caps,stopper for infusion bag and so on. We are always committed to developing new products to meet the needs of both customers and times.

Scientific and superior equipment provides foundational support to products and also the most essential guarantee for Jiangyin Tejie company to produce top ranking products. Introduced full automatic vacuum making vulcanization machine as the major production equipment with the self-designed automatic stopper washing machine of unique function, it make the cleanness of butyl rubber stopper to an advanced level.  Product testing center is the eyes of enterprise. It provides timely monitoring and feedback for high quality products as well as a powerful guarantee of quality improving. Every procedure, from raw and auxiliary material entering into warehouse, manufacture to delivering finished product will be operated under controllable state.  Advanced detection equipment and professional inspectors constitute a powerful quality protective net of Tejie company and guarantee that each eligible product will be sent to the hand of customer. 
"We not only has a large number of faithful domestic famous customers, but also established good business cooperation with pharmaceutical manufacturers and traders from Asia, European, North America, South America, African and Oceania. Our target is selling the products to every corner of the world, bringing people around the world with high quality and safe pharmaceutical package products."   We produce more than just a product or a brand, a value, but also a commitment to health. The cause of health is our eternal pursuit. First-class products is the best way we return to the society.  

Jiangyin Tejie company is located in Jiangyin High and new Tech industrial zone of the economically developed Yangtze River Delta. The transportation is convenient. We welcome new and old friends to Jiangyin Tejie company.  

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